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I always look at my life like a book. I,

Get to know Angelika Koch

It's not just about Coaching for Angelika. It's about truly connecting to the person in front of her and helping them to move forward towards the life they deserve. Being a Transformational Relationship and Breakup Coach is not just a job--it's her passion. Every person who comes to her, she deeply listens to and tailors her Coaching to their specific needs. Angelika's desire to help others comes from the understanding of what it is like to struggle and finally find the freedom of true happiness after healing. She knows what it feels like to go through this and what it takes to get out of it and move forward from it. 

Angelika is a Master Certified Life Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, and Certified Meditation Instructor.  She has been on numerous podcasts all over the world and is the author of the popular book "The Asshole Pandemic: A Field Guide To ID'ing, Deleting, and Healing From Toxic Relationships." She works alongside The Taimi Dating App as their relationship and breakup expert and she had been featured in several articles including but not limited to: Bustle, Business Insider, Readers Digest, Newsweek, Canvas Rebel, and Mashable. 

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