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Rock Bottom Is Not The End. It's The Beginning. 

You're going through a dark time that you are not sure how to get out of. Maybe you're experiencing the excruciating pain of a breakup. You thought this love would last forever. Now it's nothing more than a gut-wrenching memory that has ended with you holding the broken pieces of your heart.


Or perhaps after a hard breakup, you're afraid to get back into the dating world because you see how difficult it is and you're afraid of attracting yet another terrible person. You may even believe you are the terrible person and long to be a different version of yourself. Whatever your circumstance may be, you're afraid it will end with you holding the pieces of your broken heart or living a deeply lonely life.


Maybe you're already in a relationship and you want so badly to make it work, but it feels like an uphill battle that you're losing. You feel like you're at your breaking point. You feel like you're going crazy and you're no longer sure if you can do this anymore. You love this person but you wrestle with the idea on whether or not you should walk away or give it one last fighting chance. You might even wonder if you are the problem, or is it them?


What you are going through is dark and difficult. You want to find that happy place again, but you are just not sure how. You feel stuck, lost, and broken. 

If this sounds like something you are going through, then you are the type of person I work with and you are ready for Transformational Relationship Coaching. I help transform people like you to enable them to move forward into the person you were always meant to be. We won't be just moving forward, we will be processing, reworking your self-concept, and allowing you to find your true voice; moving forward towards the life that you so desire. You deserve that life. It's time to start moving towards it. 

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